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About Us

Our Mission

Pass IT On is a non-profit organization whose mission is to eliminate the technology skills gap experienced by youth and adults in disadvantaged communities.

Our Story

As both a former Maryland public school student and Technology Instructor for Baltimore City Public Schools our founder, Professor Willie Sanders, Jr. experienced the disparities in technology education first hand. During his time as a student and a teacher he came to realize an important truth, "In an increasingly technical world those without access to and training in technology get left behind". After seeing promising young technology students miss out on college and career opportunities because of a lack of technical training, guidance and resources, Prof. Sanders  decide to create an organization to address the issue.

In 2015, Pass IT On was formally created as 501c3 nonprofit to fulfill the mission of addressing the technology skills gap experienced by disadvantaged youth and adults throughout Maryland and the surrounding region. In doing so, we also endeavor to help supply government, industry and academia with thoroughly trained Information Technology (IT) students and professionals.


To achieve this mission we seek out and partner with community based organizations and education institutions to provide their members with technology curriculum, training, mentoring and technical support. We also seek to provide youth with STEM related training to help foster their interest in the Information Sciences.


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