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Position Description

As an Empowerment Fellow you will interpret requirements to configure, maintain, install, and build to an IT infrastructure. Install and update software; establish, configure, and manage accounts; oversee and or conduct backup and recovery task; implement operational and technical security controls to meet organizational security policies and procedures; report to Project Coordinator and or to the EFP Director for work activities, build assignments, and requirements to complete. Be willing to learn cloud, network, and various software applications to support customer business objectives. Work on specific projects to develop IT skills.  


Work Specific Tasks

  • Analyze and interpret IT needs for an organization to meet business objectives 

  • Install software, business applications, and operating systems  

  • Evaluate and optimize an IT system to maintain efficiency and performance 

  • Implement best security practices to meet governance, risk, and compliance policies 

  • Train users on the correct use of their business applications and end-point devices 

  • Troubleshoot IT systems to resolve service-related issues and recover platforms after an outage 

  • Perform repairs on faulty system and server hardware; monitor/maintain configuration  

  • Conduct functional and network connectivity testing to ensure continuing operability 

  • Manage system/server resources including performance, capacity, availability, serviceability, and recoverability 

  • Comply with organizational system administration standard operating procedures. 

  • Conduct periodic system maintenance including cleaning , disk checks, routine reboots, data dumps, and testing. 

  • Perform Tier 1 IT support at designated partner work sites and or MCVET Center 

  • Be able to work from the command line interface to configure computer systems 

  • Use scripting techniques to write code to optimize log searches etc 

  • Create proposals for future community IT projects and outreach programs 

  • Assist with the design, implementation, and maintenance of network computer labs at community partner sites 

  • Build and refurbish desktop and laptop computers for donation to local schools and community centers 

  • Assist in the development and delivery of technology training curriculum and courses 

  • Perform maintenance and upkeep of the organization’s website (design and content) 

  • Develop communications skills to collaborate with IT professionals and customers in a corporate environment 

Basic Qualifications:

  • Must possess basic reading and math skills 

  • Minimum Education Level:  Highschool and or GED 

  • Must be reliable, dependable and able to be counted on to complete task 

  • Must have a positive attitude and friendly disposition

  • Must be able to manage time and work duties within a schedule  

  • Should have a desire to build professional connections

  • If a college student, you must be eligible for 1st or 2nd Internship 

  • Must NOT hold a current Professional IT/Cybersecurity Certification (ex. CompTIA, Microsoft, etc.)

  • Must be able to  commit to at least 15 hours per week of outreach and training

  • If employed,  employment must NOT conflict with development plan or 32-week training schedule 

Program Description:  

The Empowerment Fellowship Program (EFP) provides technologists with the opportunity to receive no-cost instruction in Information Technology .

Those selected for the Fellowship will complete a rigorous, 40-week training program focused on developing the fellow from a Novice Practitioner to a IT Expert.

Fellows will gain knowledge and certifications in:

  • IT Fundamentals

  • Computer Networking

  • Cloud 

  • Cybersecurity 

  • Systems Administration

  • Project Management 

  • Technical Training 

In addition, the Fellows receive professional development to enhance their soft skills, work ethics, employment prospects, and their leadership/management capabilities. However, in exchange for this training, participants use their newly acquired skills to help further the mission of Pass IT On by assisting with the day-to-day activities of the organization and by helping to lead our outreach programs. 

If your interested in joining our team to increase your technical skills and to help your community
Apply Now !
No Experience Required
Applications for the next EFP Fellowship Cohort are now being accepted. 
Applications are due by September 22, 2023
Selection Notification on September 28, 2023

Fellowship Period 

October 2, 2023  -  June 8, 2023
Applications for the next EFP Fellowship Cohort are now closed
Connect with us on social media for announcements of upcoming
cohorts and other events.
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