Youth Technology Training

Pass IT On seeks to expose disadvantaged youth to advanced technology and training that they otherwise may not have the opportunity to access. We want all kids to have a chance to compete in this tech dependent world. 

Passing on our IT knowledge to you.

Our country and the world are suffering a great “digital divide”. The digital divide is a gap between those with regular, effective access to digital technologies and comprehensive knowledge of their use and those with neither. Many people stand on the dark side of that gulf and watch their ability to compete in a “Tech Savvy” world disappear. Pass IT On's goal is to be a bridge to youth and adults who otherwise may not have the opportunity to compete in a world that is dependent so heavily on computer technology.

1.Youth Technology Training

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3. IT Internships

Authorized Training Partner 

Through our partnerships with leading technology organizations like CompTIA, Google and Cisco we're able to provide students with the latest industry recognized training and curriculum  Click here to learn more...  

"My daughter really learned a lot in a short amount of time taking the PC Hardware Fundamentals course with Pass IT On. She has learned the correct terminology...They encourage students to take the computers apart and put them back together without being afraid of failing. This is a great class!"

Catania B.

Home school Parent

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